New York Harbor Seen from Rooftop
 Last Snow, First Light, Brooklyn, NY
 Couple In Park
  13th Street and 7th Avenue, Brookly n, NY
 Hyde Park, London
8th Avenue. 6 A.M.
 Statue of Liberty and View From Brooklyn Bridge Park
Sky Above. Heading West on Delancey Street
 Ninth Street Seen from Prospect Park in Spring
Brooklyn Bridge Park at Night
 Couple Seen Through Back Window, Winter, Dusk
 Shadow of Small Tree Illuminated by Sirens on Snowy Night. Brooklyn, NY
 Rockaway Beach Parking Lot
 Driving the Midtown Tunnel at Night
 Shops Building At Dawn, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
 Tops of Row of Buildings, Brooklyn, NY
 Bruckner Expressway, NY
 7TH Street At Night
 Tree and Brownstones At Night
 Midtown Manhattan Seen From the B.Q.E.
 Necklace Lights of Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge Park
 Gowanus From the Elevated Tracks of the F Train
 7th Street, 2:45 A.M.
 Minnie and Penny At the Top Of the Block
 Corner of Prospect park West and & 7th Street at Night
 Bandshell, Prospect Park
 Hell Gate Seen From The F.D.R, NY
 Brownstone Street In Snow, Brooklyn, NY
 Penny On Rug
 Penny and Minnie On Couch
 Prospect Park West In Fog At Night
 View Through Park, Early Morning Fog, Brooklyn, NY
 6th Street, Spring, Brooklyn, NY
 Red Light Reflected on Wet Sidewalk At Night
 Mackerel Clouds and Sky Through Trees, Brooklyn, NY
 Moon, Clouds and Fall Tree At Night
 First Light After Rain, Brooklyn, NY
 Pigeons On Branch, Brooklyn, NY
 Brooklyn Brownstone Street At Dusk
 Willow and Middagh Streets, Brooklyn, NY
 Minnie In Vestibule, Brooklyn, NY
 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY
 Pigeon On F Train, Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY
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