Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
 Beekeeper, North Carolina
 Cat Nap With Dog
 Man Reading At First Light, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
 Magenta Gingham At Rockaway Beach
 Pomegranate and Kitchen Knife
 F Train, 6 P.M.
 Woman Waiting for F Train
 A On Stairs
 French Bulldog and Woman Commuting on Subway
 Dog In Snow, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY
 Self Portrait
 E In Tree, Brooklyn, NY
 Woman At Rockaway Beach
 Napping Man, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
 Self Portrait In Kitchen
 Winter, Prospect Park
 A and P At Home
 New Years Eve and Gold Paper Crowns
 Man On Fire Island Beach At Moonrise
 Sleeping Child
 Sleigh Riding, Hudson Valley, NY
 Corolla, Outer Banks, North Carolina
 Ice Skating, Prospect Park
 Minnie Napping At Home
 E In Sillouete
 Miss Penny, Outer Banks, North Carolina
 Fire Island Beach At Night
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